Creating a curriculum that is enriched with music, dance, and dramatic play is essential to fulfilling the internationally accredited standard of the 58 key indicators of development in preschool-aged children. Each of those Creative Arts disciplines support and enhance gross-motor, fine-motor, and movement skills, as well as social emotional expression.

Why Performance?

If life is a performance, then therein lies the answer. Every time we give our children the opportunity to show and tell we are offering them access to the gift of Mastery. Mastery is the earned accomplishment that comes from engagement, connection and practice…press repeat!
But, in this case, the old adage “Practice Makes Perfect”, and the burden of perfection, is not something we seek to impose. Rather, P2L is based upon the recognition that Practice breeds Mastery, Mastery breeds Confidence, and Confidence breeds Leadership. So, we “Perform to Learn” and by that, “Learn to Lead”.

What do we mean by “Learn to Lead”?

As previously stated, when our students graduate, the P2L program will have provided a foundation upon which they can thrive in their educational futures, and most importantly, they will have developed skills they can use and build upon to become the leader of their own lives – the first one to raise their hand to share – the student that is willing to peer teach/share with others – the one who will initiate with the teacher if they need extra help – the student who will try a new opportunity without fear they might not excel – the young learner who will recognize their interests and pursue their own path to further discovery.