From the time that most of us are a few days old, music has slipped into our awareness. We experienced it as a personal, communal, and cultural enrichment in our lives. P2L Founder McCartney K. Hart built the foundations of Perform to Learn around her own childhood experiences with the power of music, creating another avenue for her to overcome her learning challenges.  Know more…

It is almost impossible to walk into a Perform to Learn  Performing Arts Preschool without experiencing some form of music in the space.

Music enhances cognitive abilities such as learning, language, memory. Music is fun.
Like the other Performing Arts disciplines we seek to introduce and or expand on in a child’s early education, the intention is not to set music performance goals that would be required of a virtuoso in training. There is never a requirement of playing an instrument or singing in tune. Music at P2L is to enhance expression, language and literacy, movement and embed a love of music and the many ways it can enrich our lives.
Our students love the “action” songs. Let’s jump, twist, clap, spin around, wiggle in place. Add a few props and we’ve got a spontaneous show in the works! We challenge ourselves to make our own songs up. Encouraging self expression, awareness of sound in words, and vocabulary for starters. Some might call it “cacophony”! At Perform to Learn, we call it the beautiful sound of imagination and creativity in action!
What about the pure joy of children singing? They do it with exhilarating freedom! Preschoolers seem to come to the P2L music party with their own “playlist”. The music of all of the incredible film and stage musicals that our friends at Disney and Nickelodeon have created for this generation. Our students love and respond excitedly to the shared music that is familiar. Music the social bond!
Students enrolled in the Perform to Learn program will learn through music exploration about sounds, instruments, singing, genres, movement to music, the fundamentals of rhythm and beat, art sounds, animal and bug music, earth sounds and whatever we can find to beat, strum or clap to!