Online searches of elementary readiness, preschool skills checklists, and sites setting forth what your two/three/four or five year old should know, will render very similar results, even if presented in differing ways. There is consensus among the experts in early childhood development and elementary readiness, a holistic agreement on what constitutes the essential learning elements for these fast-paced growth years.
Elementary readiness essentials include, Language and Literacy, Creative Representation, Movement, Music and Social Relations. The P2L program provides all of the “essential” academics including a STEM program designed just for the preschooler. The old adage reading, writing and arithmetic still applies, along with motor skills, creative arts, reasoning and concept development.
To fully realize and provide all of the elementary readiness essentials, P2L Parent Partner Assessment was designed as a collaboration and data source for our individualized learning plans. Know more…
P2L’s cross curriculum methods address behavior, knowledge, and skills development and include traditional learning modalities such as problem solving, physical objects as teaching tools, language stimulation, eye hand coordination, and learning in context. As mentioned above, our program is enriched further with a focused Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program.Technology is one of the STEM initiatives at P2L, and for good reason.  Digital literacy is no longer “becoming a major component of early childhood education”, it has arrived.  Understanding basic concepts and being able to perform basic skills are a must for our students’ futures.Our technology focused curriculum is constantly reviewed by staff in consultation with our families to ensure it meets this standard.
P2L’s technology program integrates a range of experiential and hands-on learning opportunities, on a variety of devices including interactive tablets, i-pads, and whiteboards, and featuring educational games and learning aids.  The program also utilizes a variety of cloud based preschool specific applications such as Starfall and ABC Mouse, and provides structured screen time with constant consideration being given to the content as appropriate to the individual child.
We offer cultural/humanities opportunities throughout our school year with events and community partners’ cooperation.
 Over the 4 years that a student is in the P2L preschool program, a connection will be made with the 58 Key Developmental Indicators (KDIs) comprising the internationally recognized High Scope Project principles. Each school year the adjusted (to reflect students’ ages) curriculum, with corresponding themes and events, is presented at the P-PA meeting with student parents and teachers.  On occasion we can offer additional services as requested.

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