When you catch a glimpse of your potential, that’s when passion is born.
-Zig Ziglar

McCartney K. Hart

P2L Founder McCartney Hartbegan her elementary education already at a disadvantage. In the 1980’s, reading challenges were still being lumped into the general compulsory education category of Dyslexia. It was recommended that she repeat 1st grade, a hard blow to anyone who is just starting to learn.
Raised in a family of musicians and artists, performance was the backdrop of her childhood and by 3rd grade, despite her learning style challenges, McCartney was onstage with upper classmates and adults, demonstrating the skill and confidence of a much more mature performer. Over the next 20 years, McCartney enjoyed a lot of success with an International audience as a Pop, R&B and Gospel singer.
After moving to Bermuda, McCartney began working with younger children, leading them in performing arts play and education activities. Through those experiences, and with the understanding now of an adult, the development and process of her own learning style came into focus. From that journey, along that path, the curriculum and concept that is Perform to Learn began to emerge.
The Bermuda program is a collaboration of like-minded creatives “pulled together by her”. Since 2010, this dedicated team has worked to a common goal – graduating students prepared for the increased rigor of primary education “readiness”, graduates who have had four years of opportunity to experience the patience, persistence and confidence that performance instills.
McCartney is the mother of two, a wife, daughter, sister, friend, and respected business woman. She maintains the Bermuda location as the Executive Director/Owner.
The Scottsdale “Old Town” location opened its doors in May 2017. It presently enrolls students between the ages of 2 years to Kindergarten.
McCartney is developing select additional US locations over the next few years.
You will find her and her family at the school most days. She invites you to contact her at info@performtolearn.com