Dramatic Play

We have all been children and have all experienced early childhood. Early childhood is generally defined as 18 months to 5 years of age. Over the past two decades (in most of our student parents’ lifetimes) research has issued greater interest in the philosophical and characteristic emotional minds of children. Borrowing from research is the concept of Counterfactuals, the human tendency to create possible alternatives.
Music, Dance and Movement are fundamental aspects of our Dramatic Play curriculum. We believe in the transformation and developmental value of pretend play. Counterfactuals are at the core of pretend play and is essential for children to engage in exploration of human possibility and wonder. Magical thinking and looking at the world around them in alternative ways, is the fodder for which each generation has innovated and progressed.
The P2L Dramatic play curriculum is filled with stories, plays, songs, enactments, collaboration, production, rehearsal, dialogue, improvisation, dance, monologue, costumes, puppets, mime, performing and being the audience. This curriculum was not designed to create the next generation of entertainers. The engagement and connection is to the fundamentals and readiness of Language and Literacy, Creative Representation, Movement, Music and social interaction intrinsic to the performing arts curriculum.
The selection of images above are from previous performances. Each school year closes with a sold-out “show of shows”! The focus on movement and mastery demonstrates the students’ progress through a series of beloved and well-rehearsed performances. Each year parents are speechless as they watch their children up on a professional theater stage performing in a truly entertaining and dynamically staged production. Our staff’s love of performing arts and love of the children in their care is the signature of this event.