Dance & Movement

Dance is an integral element of human culture. Movement is critical to human wellness. Preschoolers love to move and dance. Throughout a typical P2L school day, our students have continuous opportunity to be active through Dance and Movement.
The P2L Dance program is infused with fun and embedded with learning. The vocabulary of movement, i.e. – push, drag, pull, lift, jump, skip and reach – serve to enhance the on-going social interaction, self-expression, counting and memorization, to name just a few engagement modalities. Costumes and instruments are incorporated to encourage imagination and creativity.
The P2L program also recognizes and offers movement as its own discipline. We are not “teaching” sports per se, we are exploring sporting skills – strength and conditioning, balance and coordination. We utilize indoor activities, outside play and exercise — kicking or throwing a ball, playing tag or follow the leader, hopping on one foot, riding a tricycle or bike with training wheels, or running obstacle courses – to deepen the student’s engagement.
Whether a child goes onto pursue excellence in a sport, or is a happy casual participant, it is important to encourage children to remain active. Through the P2L Dance & Movement program we help our students develop a connection with body awareness and enjoyment in physical activity.
The study of human kinetics recommends a minimum of 180 minutes of physical activity daily for preschool aged children to advance development in gross motor skills, muscle and brain activity, mood and temperament for overall health and wellness. P2L is committed to getting that 180 in every day!
Our Dance and Movement program provides a concrete experience with the mastery principle that practice leads to accomplishment, demonstrating the concept in a manner that every child can feel.