Bermuda Campus


Perform to Learn hires qualified teachers in academics and performing arts to team teach. We cross-train and collaborate to meet the consistent daily expectation of our students and families. We recruit to establish a culturally, gender and generationally diverse staff. We seek recent early elementary education graduates, seasoned teachers, retirees and contract professionals to execute the program. Just as we promote growth and independence in our curriculum, we encourage the same approach from our staff. With dynamic educational creative collaboration, we build teams that are committed to the student’s preschool experience and individual development – personal growth, independence and elementary readiness.

Chandra Maybury

Chandra Maybury is the Program Coordinator for P2L Bermuda. She brings a background in preschool operations, teaching, fine arts instruction and music production to her position and basic love for all things preschool! Together with Tineke Stevens and founder McCartney K. Hart, Chandra is a critical member of the “Creatives” behind the program.
This 2016-17 school year finds Chandra in her ever growing role, providing “Stem-u-lating” STEM exploration and play for the entire student body, as well as being the 2rd year (Sophmore Class) classroom teacher.
Chandra works with teachers and staff to develop individual lesson plans around the monthly calendar and events. Chandra was blessed with a daughter in February 2016. She is respected and admired by the staff and has a reputation as being a caring advocate for students and their families.
Graduate of North Carolina A&T SU- (Art Design). CPR and SCARS certified.

Tineke Stevens

Tineke Stevens is one of the founding creatives of the P2L program. Calling upon her art studies and professional experience, Teacher T develops a Art classroom experience that aligns with the various preschool age groups to enrich each students awareness of the fundamentals of art and individual expression through exploration and sensory play. Encouraging students to look, listen, touch, and feel.
Each school year teacher T’s classroom hosts a full scale Art Exhibit of the students accomplishments and favorites. It is hailed as one of the highlight events throughout the school year 
Tineke holds degrees in Commercial and Studio Art. CPR and SCARS certificates. Has been teaching and working with preschool students for 20 years. Teacher T has a son age 3 and is considered by most of her colleagues to be one of the gentlest hearts on the planet!


Charla enters her 4th year with P2L. Teacher Charla has been an educator in private school and public education for over 12 years. She is committed to continuing education and professional growth. Charla is a graduate of Bermuda College and student at Endicott College. As a mother of a grown son, she brings wisdom and experience to the team!


Makeda attended the Bermuda College and holds a certificate in Early Childhood Education. She is a certified CPR and First Aid responder and has completed SCARS training. Currently in her 6th year at the school, Makeda states that  “teaching is her passion”. Alongside Teacher Maybury and Teacher T, Makeda has been with the school since its opening. Teacher Keda is a integral part of the year end showcase!


Aaron came to Perform to Learn for the school year 2016-17. He is a welcome addition to the staff and program, bringing his educational degree in elementary education and accomplished coaching background to the preschool. P2L parents were most welcoming and anticipate a holistic approach to movement, character power and all the academic strengths he will contribute.
Aaron is the father of a 19 year daughter and 7 year old son. He contributes to the community in many ways and continues to grow though continuing education.